EPL Morning Run organized by Vertom!

Vertom invites you to join them for a 5km tour through the beautiful Monte Carlo.

Vertom Tanker Chartering B.V., active since 1974, is a full service broker providing comprehensive, innovative and efficient solutions to your logistical needs and challenges when it comes to transport of any liquid cargo. This includes short- and deepsea, inland tank barging and or tank containers. We can do it all! Our team accumulates over 125 years of experience, gathered from Charterers as well as Owners background. The team members have specialized fields of expertise enabling to offer a tailor made service to each and every different customer.

In addition to the tanker chartering activities, Vertom offers dry cargo transport, on owned tonnage as well as on third parties owned tonnage, port agencies in North West European ports, STS equipment rental and purchase / supply of spare parts.

*To register, go to your EPL Registration and select the Morning Run option and choose your t-shirt size.