In accordance with article 3 of the statutes, the membership of the Association consists of two categories : active members and honorary members. The Executive Committee alone has the power to accept or refuse the admission of a member to the Organization.

Active Membership

Active membership may be granted by the Executive Committee to companies normally engaged in activities in the petrochemical field and in related activities. It may also be granted to those companies engaged in related service industries such as transport, distribution, trading, storage, construction, engineering, or other similar services.

Honorary Membership

Honorary membership may be granted to individuals or companies who, in the opinion of the Committee, contribute in an outstanding manner to the goals of the Association or are distinguished by acts for the benefit of the petrochemical industry and its related activities. Honorary members shall not have the right to vote at meetings of the General Assembly.

In all cases, only companies which are legal entities in their country of origin and have their registered office or official representation in Europe may be granted active or honorary membership.